Dress Code

Wellspring students are required to use dancewear specific to the classes in which they participate. Please visit “And All That Jazz” in Sherwood Park for your dancewear needs.

Why a dress code?

Please note: a costume will be required for all performances

Ballet: Girls

  • Capezio black leotard/bodysuit – Style CC110 (Adult sizes) or CC100C (Child sizes)
  • Bloch pink ballet tights
  • Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers, elastic across instep
  • Optional short ballet skirt
  • Long hair in a bun

Ballet: Boys

  • Black shorts
  • White fitted t-shirt
  • Black Socks
  • Black leather ballet shoes, elastic across instep

Ballet: Women

  • Dance or exercise wear
  • Pink ballet slippers

Preschool Dance: Girls

  • Any colour leotard/bodysuit
  • Tights or ankle socks
  • Pink leather ballet slippers
  • Optional short ballet skirt

Preschool Dance: Boys

  • Any colour shorts and t-shirt
  • Black socks
  • Black leather ballet shoes

Contemporary Dance: Girls

  • Any colour & style leotard/bodysuit
  • Any colour leggings
  • Tan leather or canvas half soles

Hip Hop Dance:

  • Any colour t-shirt
  • Any colour leggings or athletic/workout pants
  • Any colour indoor running shoes

Please be advised that we aim to honour God in our classes. This includes appropriate movement, music and costuming for all of our students. We ask that students consider these principles when dressing for class by wearing clothing that fully covers the chest, mid torso and hip areas of the body. Thank you!

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